About Systematic Mineralogy

  • Dr. Mikhail Murashko and Zulfiya Murashko founded the "Systematic Mineralogy" in 1992 in St. Petersburg, Russia. Since that time it is on the international rare minerals market in Europe. There are two major annual Mineral Shows where "Systematic Mineralogy" is usually present: Sainte-Marie-aux-mines and Munich.
  • Field works for gathering of minerals have been done on Kola peninsula, Karelia, Urals Mountains, Taimyr peninsula, Yakutia (Murun alkaline massif), Kamchatka (see Lapis, 2000, #1), Israel and on some places of Italy, Spain, Sweden.
  • Two new minerals (Rudenkoite and Avdoninite) have been found in the nature and studied in the co-authorship with other scientists by Dr. Mikhail Murashko.
  • Recently a three new minerals been approved: Barioferrite (IMA 2009-030), Shulamitite (IMA 2011-016), Steklite (IMA 2011-041). In two of them (Barioferrite and Steklite) Dr. Mikhail Murashko is the first author. He is a co-author in Shulamitite.

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